FOSKE’s automation processes help you ensure the highest quality standards in medical instrument cleaning and sterilization, and make work in the sterilization department safer – and more fun – for everyone. Find out how FOSKE gives your hospital the edge.

FOSKE automates product and information flows and optimizes the work process and workstations in hospitals’ Central Sterilization Service Department (CSSD). We combine innovative robot, vision and track & trace technology to achieve the highest achievable quality, efficiency and flexibility. But just as important: by reducing physical movements, automatically processing instrument nets via elevator systems, and designing the workplace in a lean and ergonomic way, we increase job satisfaction within the department.

The automation of a CSSD with FOSKE is fully in line with the pursuit of future-proof healthcare. Making the sterilization process more manageable leads to efficiency gains of up to 40%. The standing and sitting workstations are comfortable and ergonomically designed, so that the work can be done in a responsible manner. This way, FOSKE guarantees quality in every CSSD.


  • FOSKE's autonomous driving robots can carry up to 60 kg, and thanks to 8 sensors, always obey the traffic rules within the department
  • Baskets are filled and categorized fully automatically, based on criteria like priority and space economy. This way, a basket is never left half-empty unnecessarily, and life-saving operations never have to wait for crucial instruments.
  • The underlying software can be easily linked to existing hospital applications such as HiX and EPIC.
  • By reducing the number of physical movements, transporting baskets via elevators and designing the workplace in a lean and ergonomic way, we increase job satisfaction in the department.
"Discover how FOSKE can increase the efficiency at your Sterilisation Department"
Jelmer Veenstra Sales & Design Engineer
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